Billing and Insurance Information

The Surgery Center accepts most Health Insurance Plans, including: Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and HealthPlus.


The Insurance Verification Process:

Your coverage and benefits are confirmed with your Health Plan prior to surgery. Our staff estimates your financial liability; such as copay, coinsurance and/or deductibles. We will contact you for prepayment if we expect this liability to exceed $300.


We do our best to provide you with an accurate amount. However, your actual liability will depend on the procedure(s) ultimately performed and upon Health Insurance claims processing.


The Surgery Center also works with your surgeon’s office to ensure that necessary referrals and pre-authorizations are in place prior to surgery.
We suggest that you confirm your out-of-pocket liability with your Health Plan; and also that any referrals and/or pre-authorization are in place, if required.


Payment Options:

The Surgery Center accepts major credit cards, money order, check, online bill payment and:


On the day of your surgery, please bring your:

1)    Medicare and/or insurance cards and

2)    your driver's license (or other government-issued ID)




The Billing Process Further Explained:

When having surgery, the following types of providers will each submit a claim to your Health Plan:

1)    Facility services: Genesee Care, LLC dba "The Surgery Center" - Includes surgical supplies, drugs, equipment, and nursing services

2)    Surgeon services:  Professional surgical services

3)    Anesthesiologist and/or Nurse Anesthetist Services: – Anesthesia professional services

4)    Pathology Services:  If specimen is sent for pathological analysis



We are happy to answer additional questions. Just call our Billing Department at 810-732-7700.


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